The Global NYI council met on the campus of the Nazarene Seminary of the Americas (SENDAS) from Monday January 13th to Thursday January 16th 2014 to continue planning, among other things, the global NYI event “Third Wave 2015 ‘.

This event is celebrated every three years in different places of the world. This time it will be held in Costa Rica, a country in the Mesoamerica Region, from January 6th to 11th, 2015.

Youth representatives from different regions: Asia Pacific, Mesoamerica, Africa, USA/Canada, Eurasia and South America, were led in this time of planning by Rev. David Gonzales, Global NYI president, along with Rev. Gary Hartke, Global NYI Director.

The invitation for this event has been sent to every field of the world, encouraging them to send 5 young people from their field. The event seeks to bring together emergent leaders, which are serving, in NYI and in their local churches and districts; to challenge them and train them to face the current challenges that our society is facing.


“Third Wave” is a great opportunity where NYI leaders can share with young people from others places their ways of working, ideas, experiences, needs, etc. It is also a learning experience for young leader, specific through the workshops available. It is also a time to pray and worship the Lord together.

We invite each NYI member and everyone in our region to pray for this event. Pray for our global leaders as well as the national leaders who will host this event. Also pray for the Communications Ministry in Mesoamerica Region who will be supporting and covering the event. But, specially pray that God’s will be fulfilled in every young person who will attend this event.

Data provided by Milton Gay, NYI Regional Coordinator