Here are some of the testimonies from Missional Zone Planters in Guatemala; which received motorcycles in January to better mobilize in their service area. You can read more about the delivery of these motorcycles at: http://www.mesoamericaregion.org/en/2014/02/175-people-receive-jesus-through-the-ministry-of-an-alaskan-group-and-ca-4-evangelism-ministry/


Federico Buechsel

Testimony of gratitude by Federico Buechsel

It is a joy for me to be a planter in my district; we have gone to places where there is no presence of the Church of the Nazarene. Thank God for the results of the Jesus Film presentation in Kekchi and Spanish languages. People hear the message of salvation through these tools, the evangelism cube and evangelism card. Thanks to the Jesus Film equipment and the motorcycles, we can go places where the gospel needs to be proclaimed. Thanks to Brother Bernie, Brother Roger and Sister. Deysi. I am encouraged and I hope you will always remember to pray for us.

Kendel Ovidio Quixchán

Testimony of gratitude by Kendel Ovidio Quixchán

I want to thank God for His faithfulness and support in all the areas of my life, especially as a Missional Zone Planter. Also, I want thank each one of you whom God has used to bless me helping me to be more effective in every preaching point. Personally I can testify that God is faithful and powerful and delivers what He promises. He said, “I will not leave you nor forsake you”, now I see that everything works together for good for His children. I would like to tell you that on November 25, while doing my personal devotional reading the Bible in Psalm 103:1-3, I felt the Lord urging me to bless Him and never forget His benefits. That morning traveling in my vehicle, during winter weather with strong rain and winds an overflowed stream swept away the car. Thank God the people who were with me and I survived, the car was completely lost.  Just hours before, God told me, bless me and do not forget my benefits. Two days after that, I was asked for my personal documents because I had been issued a bike. I then realized that God was present in my needs. I thank God for this and many countless benefits brought to my life.
Juan Tista.jpg

Testimony of gratitude by Juan Tista

I thank God for the miracle that I’m alive. God has a plan for me, I did not want to, but God’s plan was that I become a church planter. Thank God because he has shown me a perfect way. My desire is to continue testifying about the gospel of salvation. I thank God because of His great blessing and for allowing me to continue teaching about Jesus, because I realized that’s what He called me to do and I see His support in my life. Now I understand many things that before, in my poor mind, I did not. I understand what God wanted from me, now I’m sure I received God’s call in my life to proclaim the good news of salvation. Thanks to all the brothers who have been assigned to lead us in this great ministry. It is a privilege for my life.
jeremías chiquín

Testimony of gratitude by Jeremias Chiquin Caal

I’m very happy for what God is doing in me, I have no words, but I have the pleasure of worshiping God for this bike, I had never thought I would have one, but the Lord knows what he does to his servants.  I want to thank God primarily for this blessing and my brothers in Christ, which I would like to mention because they have been an inspiration in this ministry that God has entrusted me: Bro. Bernie, Brother Roger and Sister. Deysi, and our Bro. Superintendent Rev. Cesar Juarez for supporting the ministry of evangelism in Jesus Christ, my greatest desire is to go ahead to plant new churches. May the Lord bless us. Let us move forward in the Lord’s work!
TNestor Urbano Quejestimony of gratitude by Nestor Urbano Quej Bin

I thank God for allowing me to work for him, from the moment He called me, He has never left me alone. The ministry He has given me is great; He has always supported me.

I am thankful for the support I have received as a Missional Zone Planter. There are many members of my church that have supported me; the Superintendent Rev. Moses Lucas has been very supportive of the evangelism ministry, and Brother Bernie, Brother Roger and Sister. Deysi. Thanks for all the support they have given us.

I am very grateful to God for this blessing of having a bike to work better as a planter. Thanks to everyone that contributed financially to make this blessing come true. The work has been tough and hard; I have been in communities without electricity and without water and schools. There are children who have never heard of Christ and I realize the people’s need since there are places where there are no evangelical churches. I’m going there to plant preaching points, with God’s help and the help of dear brothers like you. Thank you for thinking about this side of the world, there is much need but we are working hard. Be assured that the investment you are making is leading souls to Christ.

God bless you all, I ask for your prayers for my family and me, as they continue to support me.
Manuel Huhuec

Testimony of gratitude by Manuel Huehuec

I am very grateful for the privilege that the Lord has given me. I admire the faithfulness of my Lord and it motivates me to continue serving harder in the evangelism ministry for those who do not know God. Many people have become Christian through the Jesus Film. I pledge to continue proclaiming salvation. Before I could not get out much, because of transportation problems. But now, God has blessed me with the bike, I’ll get out with no problems. I will proclaim the gospel because that is what we are called to do, to be a light that shines in the darkness. I ask for your prayers for my assignment.