1982284_836170106400482_1524298436_nMarch 3, 2014, the Church of the Nazarene, Los Cerros, Rivas, in Nicaragua, graduated 40 people from the School of Leadership program, specializing in Compassionate Ministries.

The Church began the program in 2011 with 7 students in the house of one of the students. In 2 weeks, 18 more students joined those who completed the first basic course, “Discovering my vocation in Christ.” Some of the ladies of the group encourage more people to join, forming a second group of 14 people meeting at another student’s house.

The movement continued to grow, forming a third group of 11 people, meeting at another student’s house. The three groups met once a week.

Brother Joel Rojas Hernández said. “Blessings to those who supported us with their valuable time to facilitate teaching, to my wife Keila Rodriguez, Crisley López Solis and Victor Rodríguez, precious brothers and sisters in the Lord. I want to thank my dear Pastor Rev. Philemon M. Roque, for his support and for facilitating discipleship.

We thank the staff of SENDAS, our Bro. Franlym Peña, for the beautiful gesture of bringing the study material to Rivas and to our Vice Rector, Jorge Baños, for his words of encouragement.

This process is not complete; we have 2 more groups of Leadership School who are starting their specialty in Christian Leadership and brethren interested in starting the core courses. This is dedicated to our God and Lord.  To Him and Him alone be the glory.

Information provided by: Brother Joel Rojas Hernández.