Ninety-three people gathered together at the campus of the Caribbean Nazarene College (CNC) in Trinidad & Tobago, for a NMI Training Conference geared towards the English/Dutch Field of the Mesoamerica Region. NMI local and district leaders, pastors, regional and field leaders attended the event.

At the event were present 24 leaders from Barbados, 2 from Jamaica East, 3 from Jamaica West, 3 from Guyana Demerara, 2 from Guyana Berbice, 1 from Belize, 2 from Leeward/Virgins Island, 1 from Windward Virgin Island and 21 from Trinidad & Tobago. We also had 45 visitors, including professors and staff from CNC.

At this event, they had the participation and support of the Regional Director, Dr. Luis Carlos Sáenz; FSC (Field Strategy Coordinator) Dr. Alphonso Porter; Trinidad & Tobago District Superintendent, Dr. Victor George; Global NMI Vice-President, Lola Bricky; former Global NMI President, Rev. Jennifer Brown; English Field NMI Coordinator, Rev. Donnamie Ali; Sister Wendy Lopez, Regional Personnel Coordinator and Ana Maria Crocker de Diaz, Regional NMI Coordinator, who challenged leaders to fulfill the mission and support the missionary work of the Church of the Nazarene in their districts and local churches.

Information provided by: Ana Maria Crocker de Diaz, NMI Regional Coordinator, Mesoamerica Region.