With the purpose of planting 3 new urban churches, the Panama Central District leadership held a Maximum Mission on August 7th to 10Th, 2014.

During these 4 days, they worked on different activities like garbage collection, street cleaning, renovation and painting of a park, building a house, painting the apartment of a single mother, clowns presentation and activities for children. All was done to impact the communities of Villa Lorena, San Juan and Veracruz. Every night we invited the families of each community to a Jesus Film showing. At the end of each presentation, Brother Bernie Slingerland, Regional Evangelism Coordinator, made the invitation to the audience to follow Jesus. A Jesus Film (JF) Partners’ team prayed for the people who accepted Jesus.An average of 320 children and 100 adults attended the activities.

The event culminated in the Rio Abajo church with a service full of blessings. Two members of the JF team and the District Superintendent, Rev. Carlos de la Cruz, brought the message of the Word God.There was a call to serve and all participants took the pledge.Moreover, new sets of JF equipment were dedicated; including 4 sets given to the planters and the Evangelism Ministry in Panama.

The event was coordinated by Pastor Amable Polanco, District Evangelism Coordinator, Brother Bernie Slingerland, and JF partners, Chuck Watson, Head of Corporate Strategy, Pastor Eusebio Bermúdez Panama Central NYI President and Rev. Carlos de la Cruz.

“We thank God for the 180 people who accepted Him and all who participated in this Maximum Mission. It was a great experience that changed their way of thinking and impacted their lives.Thanks to Brother Bernie Slingerland, JF partners and everyone involved, for their support and dedication, so that faith, love and salvation can reach more people in Panama. ”

Information provided by: Joel Bermudez