3rd SDMI Leaders’ Training – Southern Mexico

The training was held at the 1st Church of the Nazarene in Coatzacoalcos, Veracruz, Mexico on 13-14 Feb. 2015. When the conference started on the 13th, there were 88 people registered from the following districts:
South: 4
Olmeca: 64
South Border: 17
South Pacific: 2
Oaxaca Northwest: 1

Activity Development
Friday 13 Feb.
The Conference started at 4:30 P.M. with a devotional by sister Mercedes Arguello, a member of the SDMI Council of the Olmeca District, prayer, praise singing, and listening to the application of God’s Word. At 5:00 P.M. we started with the workshops taught by Rev. Monte Cyr, the Mesoamerica Region Discipleship Ministries Coordinator. Brother Manuel Coutiño Moreno served as his translator.

The first three workshops included:
1. Leadership starts with Attitude

2. The Leader’s Inner Circle

3. Christ, the great Communicator

We had a brief recess between each workshop to enjoy refreshments and purchase Discipleship resources brought by Rev. Cyr. We concluded at 9:00 P.M.

Saturday, 14 Feb.
We started the day’s activities at 9:00 A.M. with a devotional, singing, and praying. Then we got started on the final three workshops:

4. Leading when times are difficult

5. Discipleship and SDMI – Rev. Cyr taught on the mission and vision of the church and SDMI.

6. The Art of the Basin and Towel

The participants were very interested in each of the workshops, and were excited to return home and put their training to use, share their training with others, and continue the work of the Lord in their various ministries.

After finishing the last workshop, we had a time of prayer at the alter for our leaders: Ángela Contreras, SDMI president of the Oaxaca Northwest District, Carmen Salinas, Olmeca District; Adaía Argueta, South Border District; Edilsar Villatoro, South District, and our regional Discipleship Ministries Coordinator, Rev. Monte Cyr. This was followed by a wonderful worship service, singing praises to God, and hearing the Word of the Lord preached by Rev. Anselmo Jiménez Maldonado, Superintendent of the Olmeca District. We concluded at 2:30 with a group photo.

Thank You’s:
To God my Lord for the opportunity to serve in this way the SDMI leaders of our beloved church, for having provided all that was needed and more for this third successful training. To Rev. Monte Cyr for his availability to travel and be with us in order to train and motivate our leaders in the South of Mexico.

My special thanks to God for the Coatzacoalcos 1st Church of the Nazarene and its pastor Rev. Josué Méndez Roque because they served our leaders in the training, put together a great organization to receive us and help us, making their time and the church facilities available, for receiving everyone and serving them with joy reflecting from their faces and encouraging words. May God bless and prosper the work of their hands. To sister Carmen Salinas Mijangos, SDMI president of the Olmeca District for all of her work and service which was a great help to me personally, and to sister Mercedes Arguello Aguilar who actively participated in the organization of the event – they are both special blessings to my life. And to brother Manuel Coutiño for his help with the interpretation.

Sincerely submitted,

Ruth López Aguilar
Mexico South SDMI Area Coordinator