Mexico is experiencing a period of great changes and challenges. The world has demanded those changes. The mega-trend towards total quality, competitiveness, technological innovation, transparency and accountability came to settle in a society that has not yet finished solving its pressing needs.

The importance of having healthy, growing, united, vigorous and transformative churches, at this time, is irreversible. Only God can fill the gaps in the great transformations of our country. Therefore, only a Church that walks with God and makes sure that He guides it vision and plans, will know how to interpret it role in this new knowledgeable society. This will contribute to more Mexicans achieving complete happiness under the premise of knowing and recognizing Jesus as their only Savior.

During the National Meeting of District Superintendents and Ministry Coordinators of the Church of the Nazarene in Mexico, held on March 5th, 6th and 7th, in the city of Guadalajara, Jalisco; a new stage in the life of the Church in Mexico was defined.

Participants from all over Mexico gathered at a turning point event to make clear that there aren’t two Mexicos, or two visions, or two churches. Today we have all recognized that we are one Church in Mexico, with a history that gives permanence in time.

The challenges to overcome as a team in Mexico are: moving from one stage of ministerial stagnation to a stage of ministerial development, from a crisis of expansion and growth to a time of consolidation and support of new generations, from a manner and style that doesn’t fit in a Country context to an innovative Holy integration into the community around us.

Times of participation in meetings provided a great openness. An unprecedented inclusion that led to the raise of the fallen, to unreservedly forgive, to combine strategy and define a single course to serve Christ as if it were our last day in earth.

The Field Strategy Coordinator greatly appreciates the support and participation of Brother Hiram Vega, Pastor of the “Ararat” Church of the Nazarene in the city of Monterrey in the Northeast-District for providing a the methodological approach to the workshops.

We appreciate the assistance of our brothers, friends, coordinators, pastors and district superintendents.

“May the coming times be more fruitful and transformative results of a Mexican society that needs to receive what the Church of the Nazarene can and is able to give: JESUS AS LORD of their lives.” – Elder. Dr. Jorge Cordova Valencia, Mexico FSC

By: Mexico Nazarene Communications:

Editing: Mesoamerica Communications