Leaving a place to go serve in another might seem easy for missionaries. But, one thing is certain, it is a difficult task, because there will always be an attachment and affection for the people, culture and the church that is left behind.

Global missionaries,Stephen and Anne Sickel, served in the W&W Ministry in Costa Rica and Panama. They recently returned to Costa Rica, country of residence, from their home assignment in the United States, with their three small children: Micah, Elizabeth and Levi. They will eventually go the Mexico Field, where they have been sent to serve.

Certainly, the Sickelfamily left behind very good friends, good memories and a great example of service in Costa Rica and Panama. They have done an excellent job both in the city and in indigenous areas.Displays of affection have been present with the farewell, prayer and celebration of the recent arrival of their twins, Elizabeth and Levi.

We encourage you to keep praying and blessing in every way possible this missionary family in our region.

Mesoamerica Communications