Haina is one of the Genesis sites. It is a suburb of Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic. One year ago Jessi & Luz (volunteer missionaries from Mexico) began working in the community of Haina, with the mother church to help grow the church and increase the congregational size.

Due to this increase, on March 27th nine people, followed the Lord in the sacrament of baptism. There were 2 children and 7 adults. Their names are: Dorcas, Felix, Jaqueline, Virtud, Lucy, Jennifer, Santa, Dania and Julia. They were joined by about 35 church members that day who joyfully celebrated this commitment with them. The people of the church are implementing what they have been learning by supporting other new believers.

One of the women who attended the church was even responsible for preparing the baptism program, so it was necessary for her to arrive early. There was worship in song and Pastor Edilio Balbuena, who is the pastor of the mother church, shared the message. Then, one by one they were baptized by Pastor Edilio with the help of the Missionaries. They spent the rest of the day together with other brothers and sisters in Christ celebrating with good food and fellowship on the banks of the beautiful river.
Those baptised were discipled so they would better understand their new life in Christ. They used the “High Voltage” material. They have also been studying and learning the Articles of Faith and are now preparing for membership with the Church of the Nazarene. In addition, 12 others are on track to be baptized this year. Keep praying for a continued transformation in this community!


By: GENESIS Mesoamérica