On June 1st, a team arrived in Santo Domingo from Campbell Creek Connexion Church of the Nazarene in Arcata, California. This team was able to be involved in several construction and outreach projects in the Santo Domingo area throughout their 10-day stay.

Tuesday and Wednesday, June 2nd and 3rd, the team worked to put a new roof on the home of Pastor Newton and his family, ministers at the Church of the Nazarene in San Miguel. The roof was in very poor shape and leaking badly every time it rained, so it was a great blessing to be able to serve Pastor Newton’s family in this way. After finishing the roof, the team also painted the inside and outside of the home.

In the afternoon on June 2nd, the team led a children’s program for the kids in the community surrounding the Work and Witness house. Activities included games, songs, puppets, dramas, and Bible verse memorization.

On Wednesday, June 3rd, a part of the team also helped paint and organize materials at the Work and Witness house. In the afternoon, the team visited Visión Celestial Church of the Nazarene and Child Development Center in Los Alcarrizos. Again, the team worked with the children and led their special program.

Thursday, June 4th, through Saturday, June 6th, the team worked at the DR Nazarene Seminary in Los Alcarrizos. Along with local volunteers, the team worked to start the construction of an additional room to the home of Pastor Ernesto Bathermy and his family. Pastor Ernesto is director of the seminary, and he and his wife also pastor and coordinate the CDC at Visión Celestial. An extra room will be a great blessing to the family to be able to have more living space.

In the afternoon on Friday, June 5th, the team had the opportunity to be able to minister in Lechería, a Haitian community in Santo Domingo. The team again shared their program with the children and shared with the community afterward in a soccer game.

In the afternoon on Saturday, June 6th, the team was able to share at another ministry site in Los Alcarrizos. Well over 100 children gathered in a parking lot where the team led their program for the kids. They were also able to share the Gospel with the teens in the area.

Saturday in the evening, the team attended Chavón Church of the Nazarene and participated in the youth service. Members of the group participated by sharing testimonies, singing, and preaching.

Sunday, June 7th, the group joined a team of young people called Los Agentes 00 in a visit to a nursing home in Monte Plata. There, the group shared testimonies, a devotional, and songs. They also donated items such as sheets, diapers, and food. It was a great time of showing God’s love with the elderly people in the home.

In the evening on June 7th, the team attended a service at Visión Celestial Church of the Nazarene, and participated through preaching, sharing testimonies, and songs. Three people gave their lives to Christ during the evening. Praise God!

We thank God for the team from Campbell Creek Connexion Church of the Nazarene and their willingness to minister and work in many local projects. God used them to share the Gospel with young and old alike, and we are grateful for their blessing!

By: Beverly Brown Volunteer, DR Work & Witness