In June, DR Work and Witness was also blessed to receive two teams from Living Hope Church of the Nazarene in Olathe, Kansas. This church has been involved for several years in the Nazarene church and Child Development Center in San Juan, located in the Nazarene south district. The project “Fuente de Amor y Paz” works with over 600 children in the community to provide support for all their developmental needs, including spiritual, physical, social, educational, y familial. The first team from Kansas City arrived Saturday, June 6th, to provide medical care in the San Juan community. Each day, the team was involved in medical clinics caring for the sick and providing needed medication.

On Saturday, June 13th, the next team from Kansas City arrived, this time to work on the construction of the church and CDC. Because of the amount of children served and the number of church members, the project is very large. Throughout the week, the team worked to prepare for pouring the roof of the first floor, cutting rebar, and filling in the land inside and outside the project.

On Sunday, June 14th, the team attended services both in the morning and evening in San Juan. They also attended a service Wednesday in the evening. The group participated by sharing testimonies and performing praise dances. In the afternoon, the team played a baseball game with youth from the church. Throughout the week, the group was involved in various other baseball games with the youth and children in the community.

The team from Kansas City also blessed the San Juan project with many donations, including medicine, clothes, protein for the children, tools, and baseball equipment. We thank God for this great team who continually give of themselves in order to support the transforming work God is doing in San Juan!

Information provided by: Beverly Brown, Volunteer, DR Work & Witness