The John Wesley Theological Studies Center, an extension of the Guatemala STN, located on the premises of the “Camino de Santidad” Church of the Nazarene in the Central District, will host the conference “Final Events” on November 21st, 2015, followed the by the forum “The Role Of The Church Before The Final Events”. The lecture will be given by Lic. Gustavo Bianchi and the forum will be composed of distinguished Nazarenes theologians.

The event is part of a series of academic events called “Connect” which will take place every year, in order to address issues of interest that due to their complexity require a deep study of the Word.

The John Wesley Center began in 2009 with the initiative of Rev. Nery Perez and Rev. Cesar Ayala, current pastor of the church, Central District Superintendent and coordinator of the center.

Currently, the center has made available the onsite modality in two stages and
are developing a virtual platform to be in operation by 2016.

The managerof the center said: “I saw the Lord’s support in this period, as He has backed up our plans… our heart desire is to enlarge the kingdom of God, through the formation of servant-leaders who will make things happen … ”

More information: with Lic. Prera ​​Paola Wolves

Information provided by Paola Prera: “John Wesley” Center Administrator