On Saturday November 7th, 2015, at the First Church of Monterrey, Mexico; the graduation of the first generation of youth pastoral ministry in that country was held. It was attended by students and their families, Rev. Milton Gay (Regional NYI Coordinator), Fabiola Sanchez (Mexico NYI Coordinator), Elder David Diaz (Northeast District Superintendent), Ana Rizo (Northeast District Youth Ministry Coordinator), among many other pastors and leaders who made this possible.

In the course of a year and two months, the youth leaders were enrolled in 14 subjects focused on how to minister to adolescents and youth. This is the first step that these leaders have taken, following they will continue their ministerial studies at the seminary, so in the future they can obtain a Bachelor’s degree in theology specializing in youth ministry.

This is the first of many generations that in the name of the Lord shall rise so that the Kingdom of God will continue to grow and strengthen.

Congratulations to the 19 graduates, God will use them with power!

By: Fabiola Sanchez: Mexico NYI Coordinator