Last Friday, on December 4, Cuba held their first Cross-Cultural Orientation (CCO) with 67 participants present from both districts. Many pastors, leaders, NMI presidents and youth arrived with many expectations, and everytime a new activity or dynamic was introduced, one could hear the unity, the enthusiasm and the team work.

On the last day of the CCO, a Sunday, the brothers and sisters were called to say, “Here I am Lord, send me” and the event ended with a palpable joy of knowing all that was learned was going to be taken back to their local churches, the districts and the entire country.

This was an historic event for this country, because for many years many thought that Cuba would not be able to send missionaries. However, as Leonel López, the District Superintendent said so well, “The Cuban is ‘missionary’ by nature.” Many of the participants are already church planters and missionaries within Cuba, participating in missionary trips sponsored by NMI and NYI. Also, other denominations have begun sending missionaries outside of Cuba, why shouldn’t the Church of the Nazarene as well?

The Cuban leadership was challenged once again to continue participating in God’s mission, especially in his or her own country but with the possibility of doing it outside as well! Also worth noting is that they are willing to volunteer, believing that the church can support missions. They are now beginning to plan for various Maxima Mission trips, Project Paul experiences and the new initiative that is called “Light to the Cities”, that will continue to create church presence in the large cities of Cuba.

Glory to God for this beautiful country and the vision to make Christ like disciples in the nations!