From 0ctober 11th to 13th 2015, at the Nazarene Theological Seminary in Guatemala the first retreat of Mesoamerica Region Communications was held, led by the ministry coordinator, Yanina Galvez.

After an intense week of work covering the Regional Conference event, the team had a time of retreat. There was a presentation of the new leadership, the field where they work, workshops, devotionals, God’s word, recreation and organization for the next service period.

Two years ago, Mesoamerica Region Communications had only a team of 3 people based out of the Costa Rica office. They have recently added volunteer support from the Panama, Mexico and Guatemala. They are now a group of 11 people.

Please keep this team of servants in your prayers, they have many goals and plans that will be a blessing to the church and they want everything to be blessed by the Lord.

Information provided by: Yanina Galvez, Mesoamerica Communications Coordinator