On January 15th and 16th, 2016, about 30 pastoral couples from the Nicaragua South District participated in a couple’s retreat with family ministry experts, Miguel and Irene Garita from Costa Rica who are serving in the Mesoamerica Region Family Care Ministry. This activity was held in the facilities of the, San Jorge, Rivas Bible Institute.

The topic was: “The Enemies of Marriage” where they talked about the main enemies attacking the pastoral marriages and how to be prepared to overcome them. It was a time of enrichment as they shared advice based on the reality of pastoral married life, all based on the word of God. They talked about the importance of valuing the spouse and working as a team with love and responsibility.

It was a time where couples shared, heard testimonies, had time to pray for each marriage and a very beautiful time where couples made ​​new commitments before the Lord.

Many of the couples were thankful for this excellent retreat and everyone showed much enthusiasm to implement these advices.

Information provided by: Minoska Reyes, Nicaragua South District Secretary

Editing: Mesoamerica Communications