Since the beginning of February 2017, Haiti Water Project (HWP) along with partnering NGO, Helping Hands, has drilled six wells in the following communities, Do-Mitan, Marre-Deme, Camp-Hitte, Ka-Michaud, and Hatte-Pois, in Monoville, located in Orangers.

HWP currently focuses on two areas in the Northern part of Haiti, Sarazeen and Orangers.  For this last one, the locations of the wells were chosen according to water stress levels and the walking distance of targeted neighborhoods.

With each well reaching approximately 1,500 people, HWP has been able to provide water for 9,000 people through the six wells. The program coordinator, Piard Alcegaird, said that in one of the locations the people were very excited as the water came to the surface when the drilling was in progress. They started to smile and play with the water, especially the children, as they realize they don´t need to walk to the river or to another far well anymore.

HWP is still working on building canals for each of the wells as well as keeping up with Bio-sand filter distribution, latrine construction, and developing a water committee. This committee – formed by community leaders- will take care of the built facilities and will manage the water resources after they receive a 7-session training.

Thanks for your prayers and support!


By: Annalise Wainwright, helping with social media communications for HWP.