Project Paul and the Wordless Book have become important tools in the evangelistic activities at the House of Mercy Church of the Nazarene in Tonala, Jalisco, Mexico.

Hilda is a woman won to Christ through the efforts of Teresa de la Mora during a Project Paul outreach held in Hilda’s neighborhood of Rosario de Guadalajara. Her testimony is that, among many other situations, her son is in a rehabilitation center for addiction issues. She told Teresa that someone needed to go and share the Word of God at the Rehabilitation Center because she felt different after receiving Jesus as her Savior. In fact, her entire family was evangelized and is receiving discipleship.

Hilda went to the Rehabilitation Center, which houses teens and adults, and arranged for them to receive a group from the church. God had plans that day, not only for Hilda’s son, but also for the others that were in that place. Around 8:30 p.m., they met together and the evangelism group shared the large Wordless Book, which was led by Karla Jordan and Angeles Montiel.

For the glory of God, that night 180 people received Jesus as their Lord and Savior, including Hilda’s son.   It was a great celebration! Everyone sang and praised as if they had heard the music before. The sound of their voices was like a heavenly army. They danced, cried and gave their lives to the Lord. The night ended with Pastor Heriberto Ledesma sharing the Word of God.

The young people have asked the leaders of the evangelism group to return and share more from the Word of God. Karla Jordan said, “Brothers and sisters, we pray for all of the souls that the Lord has won and for the work that he is doing in the House of Mercy.”

The Project Paul strategy and the Wordless Book are tools available for any pastors and church planters who would like them. If you want to know more, write to Manuel Molina Flores, Project Paul Coordinator, at:

Source: Manuel Molina Flores, Project Paul Coordinator