Ninety Panamanian youth and 23 people from the USA brought the gospel to 7 Panamanian communities through two Maximum Mission projects. The Panama Central District Nazarene Youth International, Global Mission and Evangelism teamed up to coordinate the two projects.

They held the first Feb. 23-26 in the communities of Pacora, Nueva Esperanza, and two islands of the Comarca Wagandi, which are populated by Kuna indigenous people. The islands were Igandi and Tabardi. The Panamanian youth served in these communities along with a group from the Colorado District, USA.

They held the second Maximum Mission Mar.16-18 in the communities of La Pita de Capira, San Juan and Altos de los Angeles. In this project, the Panamanians were joined by a team from the East Valley Church of the Nazarene, Arizona, USA. More than 300 people gave their lives to Christ in the two events.

In both Maximum Missions, the participants ministered through evangelism, Bible school, dramas, face painting, donated clothing, gifts for the children and the Jesus Film. The created an impact and infected each community with the love and joy that only Jesus can give.

In both activities, the youth attended a Sunday worship service in which they ministered through music and led the people of God in worship. Bernie Slingerland, Regional Evangelism Coordinator, and Pastor Scott Thorton, Arizona, USA, shared the Word of God.

Source: Joel Bermudez, Panama Central District NYI President