Get to know the North Mexico Nazarene Compassionate Ministries (NCM) Coordinator, covering the area from Tijuana to Mexico City. He has served in NCM since 2010, loves his wife, and once saw 43 shooting stars.

  • Name: Cutberto Mario Tenorio Antonio
  • Age: 43 Years
  • Marital status: married
  • Wife’s name: Sandra Edith Malpica Godinez
  • Kids? Yes, 2 kids. Emiliano, 10 years old, Mateo, 8 years old
  • How did you come to know Jesus? At 8 years old with my uncle, who is a pastor. He asked me if I was saved and if I would like to accept Jesus. He shared the plan of salvation with me and I accepted.
  • How did you become part of Nazarene Compassionate Ministries? It was a nearly spontaneous decision. Someone invited me to participate in an event and there I got to know the plan they had for Mexico. From there, I took 3 weeks to pray and talk with my wife. Together we decided to jump together into the adventure that is NCM in North Mexico. It covers Tijuana to Mexico City.
  • Hobbies? I love to read, exercise, play basketball. I’ve played for many years. I also like soccer.
  • What are your favorite teams? Los Angeles Lakers in basketball and the UNAM Pumas in soccer.
  • What are your favorite books? My grandmother, may she rest in peace, got me into the habit of reading the Bible. For that I am very grateful to her.

I also think of how my uncles, in their times of study, left their books at my house. I loved a book that I read when I was very young, written by Octavio Paz, called The Labyrinth of Solitude. Another of my favorites is Why Not the Best by Jimmy Carter, a former president of the United States. And let me say that when I read it I wasn’t even 15 years old. My uncles were a great influence in the early years of my life.

  • What kind of adventures did you get into as a kid? I remember going out onto the roof of my house to lie down and look at the stars. I remember one day seeing 43 shooting stars. That day I was hoping for a miracle from the Lord, and I got it.
  • What do you NOT like to do? – Get up early, even though it’s something I have to do every day.
  • What time do you get up? (chagrined) 5 am
  • Favorite food? Mole and Oaxacan enchiladas. I could eat 8 of those kinds of enchiladas. (laughing)
  • What do you not like to eat? Some types of seafood. Although when I go to Guadalajara, I love to eat lamprey tacos.
  • How did you meet your wife? I learned from her father that she was studying psychology. At that time I was writing a book and I really needed a psychologists point of view for a part of it. Her father introduced us, and I should say that without me realizing it, she became my therapist for at least 5 years.   And now she’s been my therapist for more than 12 years. (laughing) Her manner of being captivated me. Her ability to understand people and to be so genuine. She says things up front, very direct, and I love that. I’m completely the opposite. (laughing)
  • Where’s one place you’ve visited where you’d like to return? I had the chance to go to Tiote, Haiti. There I got to talk with many people and share the Plan of Salvation. Many of them looked in my eyes and said, “We believe that you will return to this place. We believe that God will bring you back here.” And I believe it. The power to know that God works everywhere was a marvelous experience. I saw many miracles from God.
  • And to close, what message do you have for the Church of the Nazarene in our region? This is the message that reminds me of Jesus Christ all the time: Work as if it were your last day and work for the Kingdom.