Written by: Cutberto Tenorio and Edi Montejo, NCM Coordinators, Mexico

In September 2017, the Church of the Nazarene in Mexico rose up through volunteer youth from various parts of Mexico who joined the work and actions of Nazarene Compassionate Ministries in the South and Center of Mexico. Their mission has always been: Serve the needy and most vulnerable compassionately with your talents, abilities and professionalism, and to reflect in an integrated way the character of Jesus.

Brothers, sisters and professionals from Costa Rica, Guatemala and the United States joined in these compassionate efforts. Together, they attended thousands of people, and most surprisingly, they consolidated a Nazarene disaster, crisis, and emergency response force.

In recent days, the majority of the team met in Mezcala, Jalisco to participate in the National Compassion Congress. There the powerful hand of God moved in the lives of those who attended. The contribution of every speaker and leader was crucial to train the participants. There is no doubt that those who have been raised up from their hearts will always be ready to serve their neighbor.

Recently, our brothers and sisters in Guatemala have received two onslaughts from the Volcano of Fire. In the face of that, the NCM volunteers did not delay. They are concentrated in Tuxtla Gutierrez, Chiapas, to go to help and hug those who, in our moment of need, bent their knees and acted for Mexico.

We feel the prayers of our brothers and sisters in Mexico, the Region and the world. Don’t stop supporting this group of volunteers in prayer. They have made arrangements in their work, studies and priorities in Mexico in order to get up from our comfortable chairs, go and serve our neighbors without excuse or pretext. What God raised up in Mexico is a living hope, an integrated body, and a new generation of response for God’s honor. Because of that, it does not surprise us that there is desire, motivation, enthusiasm, and willingness within the group, because the Holy Spirit with all of his power and splendor guides anyone who is willing to give his life for Him. Many of those who worked in the response came from the ranks of the district and local churches. Many were and are part of Sunday School and discipleship classes. Others joined in the midst of the battlefield. These leaders are very valuable to us.

As a result, on a sure route, which is Jesus Christ, today we draw up strategies along with our Regional Coordinator and the Area Coordinator in Guatemala. We serve with love and fear of God wherever his vision takes us. Guatemala needs us today. Without a doubt we will respond in the coming weeks. June 11-17 will be our first mission.

We are preparing for a medical team to help patients in the areas of general medicine, dermatology, ophthalmology, and superior and inferior respiratory. Christ goes first in the heart of each volunteer. Our response is also evangelistic, and we do not doubt that in this crisis God will raise new generations of Guatemalans who love and worship God as we saw in the 2017 earthquake in Mexico.

Beloved brothers and sisters, compassion is a test of faith and is the most visible evidence of the filling of the Holy Spirit in the lives of Nazarenes.

Thank you for your contributions and help.

We love you, Guatemala!