This morning, a group of Nazarenes left for Escuintla, one of the areas in Guatemala most affected by the eruption of the Volcano of Fire. Included in the group were people from the Mesoamerica North Central Area Office along with the Nazarene Compassionate Ministries (NCM) Coordinator Damaris Kellogg and the Field Strategy Coordinator Rev. Leonel de Leon. Their goal was to evaluate the needs in order to be able to respond effectively. They also delivered emergency supplies and brought spiritual support to the people.

Damaris Kellogg reported that they arrived safely to their destination where they were able to deliver the supplies to one of the shelters with the most need. She shared that God was with them and put in their path a government worker who guided them to the shelter with the most need. She said, “There we found the people responsible for the shelter and we put ourselves at their disposal to open another shelter if it is necessary.” She noted that more people were arriving at the shelters and that many of the shelters were full.

Kellogg added, “It was a blessing. There were police in the shelters and we asked them if we could pray with the people and with them. (Of course we had come planning to do so.) We shared the plan of salvation with the children using the evangelism bracelet.”

The directors of the shelter took the group members’ contact information so that they could stay in communication and update them if there is another shelter with needs.

We continue to pray for all of the families affected, for the leaders of the church and for all of the different entities working to help the victims.

Let’s unite through prayer and in our giving: 

Source: Damaris Kellogg, North Central Area NCM Coordinator