By: David Anselmo Díaz Castañeda

The children’s ministry is very beautiful. The first to accept the invitation to attend a special service are the children, many of our churches started like this. If we minister to them well it will be a powerful tool for planting churches, do not neglect these precious human beings.

The Lord Jesus became interested in children. When some people came wanting the Lord Jesus Christ to lay his hand on the heads of their children and pray for them, the disciples became annoyed with the adults who longed for a blessing, and as the Lord realized this situation, he told his disciples that allowed children to approach him, because of them is the Kingdom of Heaven.

When we neglect to give them the attention they deserve, we are preventing them from coming to Jesus. We have to promote work among children, so that they do not get lost, those precious beings can go to eternal damnation, if we do not pay them the attention they deserve. I mention this because there are churches that no longer celebrate the Vacation Bible School, on the pretext that it does not give results, that there is no money, they do not invest in the purchase of literature for Sunday School classes, they replace teaching by coloring sheets with some drawing, so that their parents do not have distractions, but at what price?

We need to focus on them, we have seen how God has taken those restless and hyperactive little ones, who when they reach adulthood have been called to pastoral ministry and so, let us be wise in our dealings with children, remember that our job is to sow the seed of the Word of God.

Whoever writes to you, has ministered to the children in the neighborhoods and in the temples, and it is beautiful to see those tender hearts surrendered to Christ, but we must give them the message in another envelope, appropriate to the context of the children.

There are organizations that can help us learn to present the message so that the children receive it joyfully, the Lord Jesus also died for them.

Yes, in your country, there are organizations like the APEN, Alliance Pro-evangelization of the Child. On the Internet, there are pages like Devotional for, Sparks of your Glory, that provide you with tools, and you will see the great difference in your presentation of the Sunday school class. Thanks to the Lord that we live in an era of technological advances, you can use videos, power point, etc.

Let me share with you a little bit of my experience, when I was a child, a missionary arrived at the church where my uncles were attending, I was very struck by the fact that the missionary used a glove puppet named Oscar, Brother. Missionary, mixed the music and the puppet, it was not a very long story, but it impacted me so much that now, I preach to the children with objects and singing. Prepare yourself more and you will be able to bless those who will hear you.

God bless you!