The San Juan Chamelco Church of the Nazarene in Alta Verapaz, Guatemala held a series of thanksgiving services June 28 – July 1 to celebrate 100 years of proclaiming salvation and holiness.

In the first three nights of services, there were about 1,200 people in attendance each night. The first night District Superintendent Francisco H. Cho preached the Word of God as well as Church of the Nazarene General Superintendent Dr. Gustavo Crocker. Dr. Crocker shared a message of salvation and holiness, and many people came forward to receive salvation and sanctification.

Many different praise and worship teams participated. They included the Bravery and Service Trio from the Guatemalan National Civil Police, the marimba group Christian Keys (Teclas Cristianas), singers Mauro Gilberto from Mexico and Luis Angel from Guatemala, the Reyes Brothers Trio, and the group New Song (Cántico Nuevo).

The series of services culminated 4 months of celebration activities, including a 10 km run, choral ensembles, and musical concerts, among others.

The closing service of the centennial celebration was in the Fernando Romeo L. Garcia Stadium with 5,000 people in attendance. They committed to begin the story of the next 100 years of the church by carrying the message of salvation to the entire city.

Also in attendance were Mesoamerica Regional Director Dr. Carlos Saenz; Central Field Strategy Coordinator Rev. Leonel de Leon; Global NMI President Lola Brickey; Regional NMI Coordinator Ana M. Crocker; Alta Verapaz Governor Lic. Estela V. Fernandez; and Mayor Lic. Erwin Tut.

“With this celebration the church relives its history and begins to write new lines founded in the Missio Dei, striving TO BE A DISCIPLE, TO BE ABLE TO MAKE DISCIPLES,” said Rev. Cho. He added, “We thank God for the leadership of Rev. Gregorio Bin, general pastor of the church, co-pastor Rev. Carlos Cucul, and youth pastor Jose Cuz. The board of the church, the agencies and different committees worked arduously so that the celebration could be a success.”

Source: Guatemala North Verapaz District Superintendent Lic. Francisco H. Cho