Members of the Nazarene Youth International council from the Guatemala Central District along with Dr. Rene Rivas from the Nazarene Compassionate Ministries committee of the same district visited 3 shelters on July 28 in the community of Escuintla, Guatemala. They brought supplies to families who had lost their belongings and homes as a result of the Volcano of Fire eruption on June 3.

Using an offering sent by the Owings Mills Church of the Nazarene, Maryland, USA, along with individual donations, the team was able to distribute goods to 107 families. Each family received: 5 pounds of powdered whole milk, oatmeal, powdered detergent, diapers, wet wipes, and boxes of Incaparina (a high-calorie drink). While they made the deliveries, the children had an activity time with Willie the Clown and enjoyed a piñata. They also distributed Bibles and small tracts with scripture to many people in the shelters.

The group visited Jaime from the El Rodeo community, which was one of the communities most affected. Jaime suffered severe burns over a large portion of his body to the extent that he was taken to Mexico for treatment. Upon his return, he has stayed with his family at the shelter in the Mormon church where some Nazarene youth brought him some medicines that he still must take for his recovery.

“One of the leaders of the third shelter we visited was moved by the donations they received and indicated that they had not had much help from the authorities. Along with his Bible, he also received the Lord Jesus as his Savior,” shared Dr. Rene Rivas.

He also said that the young people will continue helping the families they visited. They plan to bring more groceries and medicine with the help of the district NCM committee.

Source: Dr. Rene Rivas, NCM committee member, Guatemala Central District