Encuentro was held June 30 – July 14, 2018, in Guatemala and Costa Rica. It impacted the lives of hundreds of people as well as the communities where the participants ministered and the volunteers. Guatemalan Billi Lloel Mendez Vasquez, 19, shared his testimony.

“My experience in Project Timothy and Encuentro has been the best thing that has happened to me. In the week that I served as a volunteer, the most beautiful part was at the end of Project Nazagol (a soccer outreach) in the community where I served. It happened in my last day of missionary service. During the week I had been praying to God asking that I would be able to win a person for Christ so that I could feel satisfied with my work. In the middle of the game, God moved me to share my testimony with the participants, and for the glory of God, 29 youth accepted Jesus as their Savior.”

Source: Dr. Milton Gay, Nazarene Youth International Regional Coordinator, Mesoamerica Region