Nazarene Compassionate Ministries (NCM) Haiti organized a conference from August 13th to 17th at the Campus of the Nazarene Church, Frères, Petionville.

This activity included devotionals in the mornings and worship services at night under the theme: What do you have in your hand ?, based on Exodus 4: 2. There were also workshops on the following topics:
– Response to Disasters, by Brandon Sipes (NCM Global)
– Developing a project, by Dhariana Murillo (NCM Mesoamerica)
– WASH, by Zekarias Asfaw (NCM Global)
– Community development, by Romnal Colas (Tearfund)
– Thinking and living out of the ordinary and mistakes in leadership, by Jules Lesly (HOPE International)
– How does the church hurt those who help?, by Esther Pyram (World Relief);

Each speaker organized lessons on the assigned topic in a room with a specific group of participants, in which they asked questions, shared comments and experiences.

There were 59 participants in this conference including: the Regional Director of Mesoamerica Dr. Carlos Sáenz, who preached during the main services; representatives of NCM Mesoamerica and NCM Global; 12 district superintendents and 2 church members of each district; speakers; NCM coordinator in Haiti, David Campos, and all his team; Field Strategy Coordinator in Haiti: Pierre Antoine Jacques, and other members; including two translators.

The purpose of the conference was to train district leaders to develop the churches and communities in which they live, including getting prepared for a disaster.
These leaders were satisfied with the conference and want to have that kind of activity again so that more people in the district can benefit from it.

Emmanuel Jeannite
Coordinator of Savings Groups Ministry
Nazarene Compassionate Ministries in Haiti