Churches of the Nazarene in the Guatemala West District joined together on Oct. 27 to share food with 900 people from the migrant caravan in Tecun Oman, the community on the Guatemala side of the Mexico-Guatemala border.

Hundreds of people were gathered near the border, many of them in the central park of Tecun Uman in search of a place to rest and sleep. The church met at the park to share typical Guatemalan food, including chicken mole, rice, white tamales and horchata. Central Field Nazarene Compassionate Ministries Coordinator Damaris Kellogg said that the church worked for hours preparing the food. The preparation time turned into a great time of fellowship and unity amidst their joined efforts.

“We have been called to reconcile men to God and to minister to their lives. To minister is to serve our family, our neighbors, our community and the whole world. When we have an intimate relationship with God, to serve and love our neighbors becomes part of our Christian DNA,” said Kellogg.

She also thanked NCM and the local church of all of the work they did in unity.

Source: Damaris Kellogg, NCM Coordinator, North Central Field, Region Mesoamerica