After a tornado passed through Havana, Cubo on Sunday, Jan. 27, the Church of the Nazarene worked alongside other denominations to cook food and take it to affected communities.  They assembled and delivered 80 small boxes of food.  The number of storm victims significantly increased, so some only received water.  Nonetheless, they were grateful to receive what they could.

Otoniel Fernandez from Nazarene Communications in Cuba shared that preliminary reports indicated 2006 homes were affected. Of those, 205 were a total loss while 903 were partially destroyed.  379 lost their roofs completely and 217 had partial roof damage.  The municipality of Regla and the community October 10 in Luyano were the areas most affected by the storm.

“The church in Cuba begs for your prayers and continued cooperation following this tragedy,” Fernandez said in closing.

Source: Otoniel Fernandez, Nazarene Communications in Cuba