The Guatemala Baja Verapaz District along with the Maya Achi Cultural Education Association recognized Carol Alyea, widow of Rodrigo Barrera Martinez, for her service to the Achi community and the church in a special ceremony at the San Miguel Chicaj Church of the Nazarene.

Mrs. Alyea and her husband, who passed away Jan. 30, 2018, served as ministers in the Presbyterian Church and contributed to the kingdom of God in different ways. Some of their most notable accomplishments were translating the New Testament, as well as hymns and literature into the Achi language. Achi is a language spoke in Baja Verapaz, Guatemala. They also promoted literacy and writing in the Achi language. District Superintendent Francisco Cuquej served as a teacher in this effort.

Leaders from the Baja Verapaz District worked alongside the couple and wished to express their gratefulness to Mrs. Carol Alyea de Barrera for all of her work, efforts and help for the community and the family of faith.

Source: Rev. Francisco Cuquej, Guatemala Baja Verapaz District