The Nicaragua North District welcomed 140 youth to the Live in Me camp Jan. 26-27 at the Donantonio Palacaguina Campground.

They enjoyed various activities, all of which aimed to motivate different leaders to work or continue to work through the ministries final to Nazarene Youth International (NYI).

The Nicaragua Bible Quizzing Coordinator, Sergio Salinas, shared about quizzing and encouraged everyone to use this vital discipleship tool. Vanessa Cruz and Fernando Norori spoke about creative evangelism and shared various tools that participants could use this year to help people know Jesus and make a decision to follow him. Jenny Diaz also shared on the theme “I Live to Serve,” with the goal of motivated the group to be available to serve in the work of God and to continue following the example of Jesus.

Rev. Dennis Espinoza, Nicaragua North District Superintendent, and Rev. Maria Antonia Ponce, Nicaragua Central District Superintendent, shared the Word of God. They emphasized the importance and commitment to share the gospel of Jesus Christ with others.

“We want to thank God for the opportunity to share with the young people of our country. We have extraordinary potential in each one of them. It was a very blessed time. We felt how God was in this place reminding us how much he loved us all. He only was us to mold ourselves in a way to serve him better,” said Medary Jaime, Nicaragua NYI Coordinator.

Source: Medary Jaime, Nicaragua NYI Coordinator