Many persons who attended Third Wave 2019 had high hopes and dreams of attending this illustrious Global NYI Leadership Conference. They counted down the years until they were eligible to attend and lived through the memories and stories of other participants as they awaited the time when they too would be able to have such memories. That however was not my story. I felt as if Third Wave found me and invited me to its event.

236 participants from 61 countries coming together to learn, fellowship and worship our Lord and Saviour in one space and in one accord. We worshipped in our various languages and just for a moment one could get a small glimpse of heaven, for it didn’t matter our class, colour or race we were there for one objective and that was to bring honor and glory to God. The Caribbean field was ably represented by 4 young people from Barbados, Trinidad and Tobago, Jamaica and Guyana and our field Coordinator, Rev. Paul Bunsee.

Be. Do. Go was the focus for the week and we delved into Evangelism, Discipleship and Leadership Development as the main areas of discussion. We engaged in sessions that piqued our interest and gave us lots of food for thought. These sessions prompted us about our purpose as NYI Leaders but more importantly as children of God. We were reminded that we did not have to be slaves to fear because of our inheritance as children of God and He did not give us a spirit of fear but of love, power and a sound mind. In these sessions, a book published by varying NYI leaders was distributed and the chapters discussed in small group sessions.

I had the opportunity to lead one of these small groups and boy was I blown away by the experience. It truly reminded me that God can take you from anywhere and use you to bring honor and glory to His name, we just only needed to remain willing and humble servants.