100 youth from the San Juan Chamelco Central Church of the Nazarene in Guatemala served God and their community with their gifts and talents in a three-day service event.

The Xaliha community in San Juan Chamelco received the group April 17-19 in a large Maximum Mission.

On the first day, they opened with a focus in four areas: children’s ministry, work and witness, evangelism and compassion.  The group split into teams for each ministry.

After a time of prayer on the second day, the group began by cleaning at a local school.  They also began the work of expanding the church building of the Church of the Nazarene in Xaliha de Chamelco.  They also shared about the love Jesus with the children of the community through crafts, dances, and puppet and mime shows.

On the third day, the youth delivered care packages to the children that included cleaning items, clothes and toys.  They ended with work on the structure of the church building.  On this day they also planted trees around the church and in the evening showed the Jesus Film.

During this time four people reconciled with the Lord. “As a youth congregation, we feel blessed by what we were able to do, knowing a seed was planted in the hearts of the kids, youth and adults,” said Jeyson Cuz, North Verapaz District Communications Coordinator.

Source: Jeyson Abimahel Cuz Chen, North Verapaz District Communications Coordinator