Nazarene Compassionate Ministries (NCM) in the Mexico Oaxaca District gathered 20 volunteers to run a medical outreach April 22-26 in the sierra of Ixtepec, Oaxaca.

The team included health professionals, volunteers for children’s ministry, and District Superintendent Rev. Nicolás Ríos Guzmán.

Over the five days, the group worked alongside local churches in the communities of: La Cumbre, Guevea de Humboldt, Santa María Guienagati and La Chivizá.  They offered medical checks, glucose checks, dental consultations, haircuts, and children’s ministry.  This is the first time the Oaxaca District has offered a medical clinic with this combination of services.

“We believe that bodily health is important, but we believe that spiritual health is even more important.  That is why we were very intentional in evangelism, not just with adults but also with children,” District NCM Coordinator Néstor A. López said.

Two teachers led the children’s ministry team.  They adapted a program that used a circuit of stations.

“We were able to minister to many children, and to see their surprised faces when they met (using a mirror) a special person created by God.  (That moment) really filled our hearts,” Lopez said. “ We are so grateful to God for the favor demonstrated in our lives, with the churches and with every person we met. To God be the glory!”

During these four days 50 people gave their lives to the Lord and 4 were reconciled to him.

Source: Néstor A. López, Oaxaca District NCM Coordinator, Mexico