The regional evangelism team and the Jesus Film team met in Havana, Cuba, April 24-30, to plan their strategy for growth in the coming years.

Regional Evangelism Coordinator Dr. Milton Gay encouraged the leaders to complete the established goals and also to strengthen the evangelism ministries in local churches in order to impact their communities with the message of holiness.  Dr. Gay said there are currently 204 church planters in the region, who represent the chance to organize 204 new churches.

The group launched two new regional strategies using the books “Evangelism With Passion” and “Sports Champions.”

“. . . regional evangelism has not only an excellent team, but also many resources that will help the region have holistic growth in the coming years,” said Dr. Gay.

Some of the resources are:

  1. Round table discussions in coordination with the John Maxwell ministry leaders and their team.
  2. Sports ministry (Nazagol) in coordination with the organization Ready Set Go.
  3. Passionate evangelism beginning at the local church level.
  4. Church planting with a timeline (DCPI)
  5. Legacy: leading a new generation using mentoring
  6. Training school for pastors and missional zone planters
  7. School of evangelism leadership in local churches.

The meeting concluded with the team making commitments to raise up new leaders, form evangelism committees in local churches, plan new churches and share the message of Jesus Christ with passion in the entire Mesoamerica Region.

Source: Dr. Milton Gay, Mesoamerica Regional Evangelism Coordinator