The second Development Encounter of Wesleyan Writers in the Mesoamerica Region took place May 9-11 at the SENDAS campus in San Jose, Costa Rica.  Forty participants, including pastors and leaders from 6 districts in Nicaragua, Panama and Costa Rica, attended the event.

The purpose was to develop writers in the Wesleyan tradition capable of writing articles, lessons for The Way of Truth, basic books, etc.  The goal was to awaken a passion for writing, and to support and help writers to grow in order to enrich the denomination through new authors.

Rev. Scott Stargel from Global Publications participated in the event and contributed with housing and food for the participants.

Regional Communications made audio and video recordings of the sessions.

Dr. Mónica Mastronardi de Fernández was the main speaker, and she led several of the workshops. She is a writer and the general editor for the Mesoamerica School of Leadership Program.

Dr. Elías Betanzos, pastor of the CAP Church of the Nazarene in Oaxaca, Mexico, shared a presentation via videoconference that spurred an active question and answer session.

Dr. Frank Moore, general editor of the denomination, also shared during the event.

Three district superintendents attended: Rev. Sirlene Bustos, Rev. María Antonia Ponce and Rev. Carlos de la Cruz.  Regional Director Dr. L. Carlos Sáenz and Costa Rica Ministry Coordinator Dr. Jorge Baños, and Regional Literature Coordinator Wilfredo Marciaga also attended. All of these distinguished participants participated in the presentations.

¨Just like in Oaxaca, God´s presence was real among us and reaffirmed we are in the correct route.  Our desire is to form a regional network of Wesleyan writers and to remain in contact and permanent growth,” said Dr. Rubén Fernández, Coordinator of Education and Pastoral Development.  “We are grateful to God and to everyone who made this event possible. It was without a doubt a greatly enriching experience.  Our goal is to bring this same event to the North Central Area.  To God be the glory!¨

Source: Public Relations, Education and Pastoral Development Ministry, Mesoamerica Region