Panama Central District Nazarene Youth International (NYI) welcomed 73 youth to their camp, called REVIVE, June 1-3 in the western part of the country.

The camp was based on Philippians 3:13 and focused on motivating the youth to renew their spiritual life, strengthen their communion with God and live according to his purpose.

Two of the workshops were “Getting rid of things that keep me from growing spiritually,” and “What can I do in my NYI?”

“We learned and enjoyed the presence of God in each activity, workshop, general session, devotional, praise time and rally.  We are grateful to each local NYI and to the Panama Central NYI Council for their work and participation,” said District NYI President Joel Bermúdez.

He added that he is grateful to those who shared in the plenary sessions and breakout sessions, the district NYI worship ministry, and Regional Director Dr. Carlos Sáenz and his wife, Rosa de Sáenz, who worked with the local NYI presidents.

Source: Joel Bermúdez, Panama Communications Link and Panama Central District NYI President