Three hundred believers of all ages from the Windward Islands District embarked on the annual NMI Prayer Walk on Sunday, June 9 in the St. Lucia Zone and Monday, June 10 on the Grenada and St. Vincent Zones.

The walk took place in the area of View Fort on the St Lucia Zone, while those on the Grenada zone walked through the communities of Content and Concord. On the St Vincent Zone, the walk took place in the Diamond community on the Windward side of the Island.

The theme of the event was “reclaiming our land through prayer,” and the participants focused on I Thessalonians 5:17, which says to “pray without ceasing.”

The late Sister Yvonne Charles began the tradition over 20 years ago.  Every year, Nazarenes from the district walk into different communities within their zones in the early morning to pray for the specific needs of that community in an effort to breakdown strongholds there.  They sing praise and worship songs along the route and stop at designated places to pray.

“Over the years, God has moved in answer to prayers for the communities where these prayer walks have taken place; already God has begun answering our prayers on this walk,” said Jonquil Cadougan, District NMI President.

Source: Jonquil Cadougan, Windward Islands District NMI President