The two churches in the Martinique zone, Morne-Venté and Godissard Churches of the Nazarene, joined together for a Sunday School and Discipleship Ministries (SDMI) training, May 31- June 1.

The district SDMI council and the pastors of the two churches supervised the event, and the Morne-Venté Church hosted it at their facilities.  There were 77 participants between the ages of 13 and 76.

Rev. Monte Cyr, Mesoamerica Regional SDMI Coordinator, led the training using the theme “Disciple – Mission – Vision – Objectives and Ministries.”

This training was aimed at a very wide audience in order to equip a greatest number of people.

“It is true that I have been serving in church recently, and this training came at a good time and brought many answers about serving and making disciples. During these days I realized that I already had the potential in Jesus to create relationships and opportunities, to make disciples of all ages,” said Sabrina Manere from Morne-Venté.  “The training was enriching in argumentation and tools to better understand this ministry and to grow the kingdom of God. The verse I like to remember when I approach people is Matthew 10: 8 ‘… you have received freely: give freely.’”

Augusta Suédile, SDMI President of the Antilles and French Guiana District, thanked ¨Rev. Cyr for his availability and our Lord and Master for his faithfulness.¨

Source: Augusta Suédile, SDMI President, Antilles and French Guiana District