A public school located in the Honduran village of Villa Nueva opened its doors for 115 children to receive discipleship lessons.

The lessons were shared by members of the Las Colinas Church of the Nazarene as an initiative of the ministry of Nazarene Mission International (NMI) from the local church.

The school authorities, in addition to agreeing to involve church members, also made the school facilities available.

Discipleship took place on Saturday mornings.  The support team was made up of teachers and church volunteers, including youth and adults.  The discipleship lessons were accompanied by games, activities and a snack.

Nolvia Arévalo, NMI President of the SE Central District of Honduras said that part of what they want to achieve is that both children and their parents be part of the church to experience constant spiritual growth.  In addition, Arévalo said that oral hygiene, nutrition, and other talks are currently being presented since many in the community are children who belong to families living in poverty.

Because most of these families are made up of single mothers, events are being held with them where they receive the message of salvation in addition to being trained with cooking workshops, crafts, and others helpful resources.

Arévalo shared the testimony of a 6-year-old boy who received discipleship.  The child told them that he lost his father in an accident; while he constantly asked for prayer for his mother who had been hospitalized for 3 months waiting for an important medical procedure, the group was praying for that request, and during the discipleship meeting, the mother of the child was  operated on and is currently out of danger and in recovery.  “We have visited her several times, and on one of those visits God touched her heart and she accepted Jesus as her Savior,” Arévalo shared.

“This is one of the many needs we find in children and their families, but we always see the powerful hand of God acting.”

Source: Nolvia Arévalo, president of NMI: SE Central District of Honduras