The JESUS Film Harvest Partners ministry has been a great blessing to the Church of the Nazarene in Haiti in the area of soul-winning and church planting. With this tool, our church planters helped to win many souls throughout the country to Jesus Christ last year.

The situations the church is enduring this year is surely not preventing them from doing what Christ ordered His followers to do: “Go and make disciples”.

“Many of the church planters are living in difficult contexts, where the political unrest in Haiti is affecting all areas in people’s lives. The majority of them are brave enough to bring the gospel in the toughest places of this country, which makes this work even more difficult.” said coordinator Pierre Ernst Jacques.

He also added: “Our prayer is that the good news that we are preaching brings hope and changes into our Field, Haiti; and we’re grateful for the supports of the regional JESUS Film staff for providing means that are needed to keep this ministry going”.

This year, with 63 church planters from Haiti’s 12 Nazarene districts, the challenge is to organize at least 63 brand new churches plus missions and preaching points.

Every district in the country is being visited twice by the Evangelism Coordinator of the ministry before the end of 2019 in order to motivate the church planters towards this goal.

Source: Pierre Ernst Jacques – Evangelism Coordinator of Haiti.