It was a great gathering of Nazarene members, families and friends of the Guyana Berbice District at its annual District Family Sports and Fun day on 1st July 2019 at the No. 63 Beach, Berbice.

The day’s activities started with a short devotional by Min. Rebecka Bentinck, one of the youngest licensed ministers on the district after which, a list of action-packed events unfolded.

Nazarenes of all ages participated in track and field races and novelty games such as lime and spoon, needle and thread, buns eating etc. Medals were awarded to athletes and special prizes were given to all the children that participated in some way. The most fun event of the day was the pastors and the female pastors and wives races. It was great fun to witness our leaders competing for the gold medal.

The highlight of the event was the baptism of five persons who declared their faith in Jesus Christ.  We praise God for these individuals as they continue to serve God.

Several church capitalize on the opportunity to raise funds for their various ministry. The District NYI sold fish and chips to raise funds for the upcoming youth camp, the SDMI sold toys to raise funds for children’s camp and other local churches had food stalls. There was lots of food, fun and fellowship.

The Family Sport and Fun day is hosted by the district annually with the aim of bringing together the churches for fun, fellowship, and ministry to children, youths and adults. It is also an opportunity for young leaders to utilize their gifts and talents in planning, administration and ministry outreach. The district celebrate the leadership of the event coordinators Ms. Luann Nero, Mr. Booker T Williamson and the team of youths who executed the event with great success.

We praise God for the wonderful time spent together with our Nazarene family.

Source: Ms. Rachel Subick District Media Representative