The Arima Church of the Nazarene, Trinidad and Tobago District, held a simple graduation ceremony on Tuesday, June 25, for 23 Venezuelans who completed their English as a Second Language classes.

The classes, held once a week, provided Venezuelan nationals the opportunity to learn English at the basic and advanced level. Local volunteers with a heart for ministering to the migrant community taught the classes.  The class that graduated Tuesday is the third cycle of students.

Trinidad and Tobago has welcomed hundreds of Venezuelans fleeing the crisis in their country, but many do not speak English, which is the local language.  The Arima Church of the Nazarene has sought to serve the migrant community in a variety of ways, including the ongoing English classes, food distributions and weekly Spanish-language services.

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Source: Rev. Rian Williams, Pastor of the Arima Church of the Nazarene