Recently camps were held for the children of pastors from the two districts of Cuba. The Eastern District divided into two groups to facilitate the participation of children and youth.

The first group met in Holguin where Regional Family Care Ministry Coordinators, Irene and Miguel Garita (Costa Rica) shared the theme “Equipping for Life”, with the aim of providing PKs with tools to overcome any circumstance that arises In their lives.

During the camp, the young people and children who lost their parents in the tragic plane crash on May 18, 2018 received spiritual and psychological care. In addition, three grandmothers who are in charge of some of these children also received care.

“As for the 3 grandmothers, we managed to help their situation, to lead them in overcoming the tragedy; thus improving the relationship with the grandchildren in their care, especially those who are navigating adolescence,” shared Paquita Bido of NCM of the Central Field.

Also, during this time attention was given to some wives of pastors and ministry leaders.

The second camp was held in Misi, with the leadership team of the Nazarene Compassion Ministries. The same issues were discussed there and once again, said Balbuena, they were all blessed in a special way.

From July 23 to 27 the camp was held for the Pastors Kids of the Western District of Cuba with the same theme. 136 attended, including 36 children, 28 teenagers and 72 adults. The children enjoyed different activities and received gifts.

“It was a blessing; everyone was very happy. The goals were met and everyone left equipped for life. The children on their way out were telling their parents what they learned, even the youngest ones,” Balbuena reported. In addition, she added: “Many thanks to all who made this long-awaited dream possible for the pastors’ children.”

Source: Paquita Bido Balbuena, Nazarene Compassionate Ministries — Central Field of ​​Mesoamerica