Every year the Morne Venté Church of the Nazarene in Martinique organizes a Vacation Bible School (VBS). This was held from 8th to 12th July, followed by its closing ceremony on 14th July with a look back on the week.

The purpose of this VBS is to evangelize to children between the ages of 3 and 11 years. The theme of this year was “The Mystery of the Universe”. The following was developed around this theme: biblical and missionary stories, manual labor, snacks, songs and challenges of the week.

Since its creation in the 1980s, this has been the first year that VBS has been held during the day. The theme in the afternoon was “Sustainable Development”. Many activities were scheduled: a speech by CACEM (Organization of 4 cities in Martinique), an outing for Operation Beach Cleanup, a visit to an organic farm and the screening of an animation film.

There were 78 children this year. This is a record compared to previous years where the participation rate ranged between 30 and 50 children. During those days we taught the children about God as the Creator, the need to know Him and belong to Him, but we also demonstrated how to be good protectors of the environment. This week has been greatly appreciated by both the children and their parents.

A Grandmother’s Story

“My great-grandson from the city visited for a vacation and we asked him if he would like to meet other children at VBS. Happy with the invitation, he woke up very early to get ready.

In the afternoon, all excited he told me, ‘Grandma I am happy, I have Jesus in my heart, I accepted him into my heart.’ At the table he prayed for the food and thanked Jesus for being in his heart because he would never be the same. He was disappointed the following Monday to learn that VBS was over.”

“VBS this year has been special, rich in experiences with regards to the scheduled program. We have seen the glory of God manifested throughout the organization. Congratulations to all those who have contributed in one way or another. I want to thank the entire team, an extraordinary team for their enthusiasm, courage, perseverance and their desire to work with these young people. May all of you be blessed!’ said Suzanne Kimboo – superintendent of MIEDD.

Source: Suzanne Kimboo – superintendent of MIEDD