In the month of July of this year, a medical team from Southside Virginia, USA, travelled to Panama to do a medical trip in two Districts of the country. 533 persons of 4 communities were attended with volunteers from the district.

The group gave medical and nutritional attention, they checked the vital signs, and gave optometry and pharmacy services. Also, the Gospel was shared with each patient.

The journey started with the Central District, the the province Herrera, where the Nazarene Church of Progreso has 2 missions. On the first day they visited the community Chepo de la Minas, where 100 persons were attended. On the second day they visited the community Cerro Gordo (Fat Hill) , there 130 were attended.

On the last 2 days the team moved on to the West District, in the province of  Chiriqu. One the first day they worked at Quebrada de las Lajas where 142 patients were attended.  On the second day they attended the community of Barriada San José de David, there 161 patients were attended.

They also attended 7 patients that were unable to attend the place patients were attended since they were sick in bed. Furthermore, 5 wheelchairs were donated by the group of Virginia and Nazarene Compassionate Ministries.

All the visited communities were distant and did not had a hospital nearby, and because of this the trip was of great benefit for the communities.

“Work and Witness of Panama and  Nazarene Compassionate Ministries of Panama are greatful to the volunteers of the two districts for their support and extends a special gratitude to the medical team of the Southside Virginia Church of Nazarene”.

The Missionary Eliezel Soto coordinator of W&W of Panama, asks to pray for all of them and for the follow up work that the local churches should do.

Source: Joél Bermúdez, Panama Nazarene Link Communications