The Church of the Nazarene of Blek led by Rev. Samerite Deruisseau, in the Southeast District of Haiti, celebrated the 50th Anniversary of the Annual Revival and Evangelism Campaign from July 28th to August 4th. Around 4,000 people attended services every night, where there were worship times, preaching, conversions, choirs participation, among other activities.

Also, several children were presented to God during the week, several couples got married, and bands marched through the community to show the presence of the Church of the Nazarene in the community.

This activity is celebrated every year in the month of July, they call it “Convention”. The churches of the district join the celebrations with this local church, as well as some people from other denominations. Also, senators and leaders of the area are invited. The objective of the activity is to strengthen the presence of the denomination in the community, as well as to make known the Word of God and to encourage the churches to continue fulfilling the Great Commission, as well as many people come to sell food and drinks around the church, so there is also an economical mobilization.

As a result of the activity, around 60 new Christians are ready for follow-up and they will be joining the different churches depending on their localities.

“We hope that every year there will be more people who know Christ through this effort.”

Source: Rev. Jean Noel Lafleur, Southeast Haiti District Superintendent & Rev. Samerite Deruisseau