On September 4, 2019, twenty six Caribbean leaders from across the 14 Districts commenced training in Jamaica for the Caribbean Evangelism Conference. This Conference was scheduled to go until the past September 8.

These twenty six participants, excluding two from Bahamas District who were unable to attend due to the hurricane, were trained and certified in Dynamic Church Planting International (DCPI) to plant 28 new Churches in the 22 territories on the 14 districts of the Caribbean Field.

Each representative committed to 3 years of service on their various fields to fulfill the Caribbean’s Field 10/10 Vision which is to gain a total of 400 Nazarene Churches by the end of December 2022.

Among the 26 representatives, there were 6 youths representing the NYI, 5 of which were Third Wave attendees, namely; Daniele Miller, Daniel Berry, Uthmann Thompson, Timmeon Spencer along with Caribbean Field Youth Coordinator Rev. Paul Bunsee. Nesha Harris was our last youth representative, who represented the Caribbean Nazarene College. These six participants were specifically invited by the Region to work as catalyst for getting youths involved in Evangelism for they are the Future of the Church of the Nazarene.

Regional Evangelism & Youth Coordinator -Rev. Dr. Milton Gay, DCPI Instructors -Dr Luis Flores & Rev Nelson Valencia, Senior Master Trainer in DCPI -Larry Myer, Coordinator of Evangelism and Jesus Film in North Central Field -Rev. Roger Nahum Perez, Caribbean Field Office Administrative Assistant & Executive Secretary -Rev. Julie Mckeithen and Caribbean English Field Evangelism Coordinator -Rev. Christopher Weekes were the main facilitators for the conference. Caribbean Field Strategy Coordinator Rev. Dr. Alphonso Porter was the main overseer of these Conferences with the support of our Regional Director Rev. Dr. Luis Carlos.

God worked a miracle to get each participant to this conference. God provided the funds, he provided the flights, and he provided the time off for each participant. This conference was a continual miracle in the making. We were witnessing and participating in God’s miracle for the Caribbean. We know this will be the launching point of a great revival across the field.

Please take this time to pray for us also for our brothers and sisters from Bahamas who were unable to attend.

Source: Pastor Augustus Andrews