The Church of the Nazarene —Mesoamerica Region welcomes our newest missionaries, Rev. Carlos De la Cruz and his wife, Eusebia Amantina de De la Cruz, both from the Dominican Republic.

On September 1, Rev. De la Cruz was appointed by Global Mission Director, Dr. Verne Ward, as the new Field Strategy Coordinator for the Mesoamerica Central Field which includes the countries of: Costa Rica, Panamá, Dominican Republic, Cuba and Puerto Rico.

On September 2, Dr. Carlos Sáenz, Regional Director for the Mesoamerica Region, presented Rev. De la Cruz as the new Field Strategy Coordinator at the Central Field office situated in Costa Rica. Our two District Superintendents of Costa Rica, Rev. Sirlene Bustos (Central District) and Rev. Johnny Calvo (North District) were present, along with missionaries and administrative personnel who reside and serve in Costa Rica.

Time was taken to pray for Rev. De la Cruz and also for Dr. Sáenz who previously carried the title of Field Strategy Coordinator for the Central Field.

Learn more about Carlos y Amantina De la Cruz:

The De La Cruzes were married on November 6, 1982; one year and three months later they were called to pastoral ministry to the city of Barahona on the south side of the Dominican Republic.

The De La Cruzes have a daughter that is completing university studies. They also have 3 married children who serve the Lord and 4 grandchildren.

The De la Cruzes have served the Church of the Nazarene for 38 years; 31 of those years as pastors in four congregations. They served 15 years as Superintendent of the North-East Dominican District, and the last five and a half years as the Superintendent of Panama Central District.

During his ministry, Rev. De la Cruz served for thirteen years as the Board President of the Dominican Nazarene Seminary; at the same time, he was a professor for the distance program. He also served as vice-president of the National Board of the Dominican Republic.

Pray for this couple and their family, that the Lord would bless them in this new ministerial challenge.