On Sunday 1st September, Dios de Gracia Church of the Nazarene, in the central district of Costa Rica held a special service and welcomed two volunteer missionaries from the Nehemiah Project. The volunteers are Amy Salazar and Jeimy Navarro who will work with the church in an effort to consolidate the youth ministry.

This project is an initiative of the Global Missions Ministry from the Central District in Costa Rica. It promotes the sending of local volunteer missionaries to churches in the same district in order to build or strengthen a specific ministry, from a missionary perspective, for a period of 3 months.

“This Project is a tool to fulfill the focus of this ministry (Global Missions): ‘Find, Train and Send Missionaries’. Therefore, their objective is to find young people willing to volunteer to be a part of the Project through Cross-Cultural Orientation (CCO) and train them and send them in teams to other churches belonging to the same district” said Natalia Calvo Rodriguez, District Global Missions Coordinator.

Additionally, she said that this is a way for young people with a call to missions to grow in their ministry by using a step-by-step approach to cross-cultural missions, while churches in the district strengthen each other through the gifts and the call that God has placed in each of them.

After the special welcome service, Amy and Jeimy met with the local team and the pastor to share and plan the relaunching of the NYI in their congregation, which, as Natalia said, will bring joy and blessing to the community.

Source: Natalia Calvo Rodriguez, District Global Missions Coordinator